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WHY GO SOLAR Net Metering

The Government of Pakistan is promoting investment in the generation of small scale distributed Renewable Energy, through the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), on the basis of the Net-Metering concept.

Net metering is an electricity policy for consumers, who own / plan to setup a Renewable Energy facility, which allows them to produce electricity for their own use and supply the excess produce to the national grid setting-off units of electricity consumed during off-peak hours or at times when the production from RE facility is not enough to meet the consumer load. The consumer will either pay reduced utility bill or get paid for access energy exported to the grid, as stated in the contract with the relevant DISCO.

As per these regulations, any customer of the national grid (having three-phase connection) can avail net-metering facility for small-scale (5kW to 1MW) Renewable Energy installations.

A solar panel is a device that collects sunlight and turns it into usable electricity. Solar panels are usually made of solar cells (made from the element silicon), wiring, a metal frame, and a glass cover. A typical solar panel is about four feet wide, and six feet tall.

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